The Beginning 

Our story unknowingly began 18 years ago when Founder & CEO Dillon Johnson entered the golf industry.  Raised in a golfing family, Dillon began playing the game at the age of four which taught him the fundamentals of the game, proper course etiquette, and most importantly a passion for the game.  In high school and college, Dillon spent summers working at local Aspen courses in many capacities:  as a starter, outside services manager, pro-shop manager, and eventually as an assistant pro, all of which taught him the ins and outs of golf business operations & began to develop his instructional strategies. 

While in college Dillon began studying Kinesiology and developed a passion for health and fitness and how they can enhance the quality of our life.   The Titleist Performance Institute and the Personal Training Academy Global allowed Dillon's passion for golf and fitness to combine, and since has been honored as one of the Top Golf Fitness Professionals in the State of Colorado.   Living in Boulder, Colorado, he strategically began to develop a Golf Fitness Training Program at his health-club, RallySport Health & Fitness, and has been helping golfers train their bodies over the last 11 years. 

Dillon's most recent focus is helping Golf & Country Clubs to develop a new culture that supports and encourages health, fitness, activities, and improved quality of life.  Today, Dillon teaches Golf Fitness Program Development and other topics around the country for groups like the PGA, Titleist Performance Institute, CMAA, CSFA & others.  



Building upon this cultural shift to Performance Golf, Dillon's mission is to revolutionize the nutritional/snack options that are available to golfers at our courses by providing convenient, intentional and functional foods that also supports our nutritional needs for 9 holes of golf. 

This led to the founding of our Boulder, Colorado based company: F.U.L.E., Inc.  F.U.L.E. is an acronym for Fuel Up, Live Easy, our motto for creating both the snack and the package with a purpose in mind.

What does on-course snacking look like today?

Until now, course snack options have been available to us in two ways:

  1. Unhealthy, high glycemic snacks such as chips, candy, crackers, bars, etc. in small bags that end up blowing out of the golf cart, spill everywhere, or get stolen by the birds.  Your hands end up getting greasy which often ends up on your grips!  For us, these snacks are not enough sustenance to stay satiated and fueled for more than a couple of holes. 
  2. A full meal at the turn.  It is a challenge to eat something like this while playing, so often we eat it as fast as we can.  This is just too much food, too fast, to consume mid round. It will mostly likely do more harm than good to your golf game and result in a crash mid-round.  We'd always recommend saving the meal for after the round with buddies in the club house!

F.U.L.E. developed Cart Snacks to fulfill a snacking need for us as golfers!

// Cupholder friendly to keep your snacks with you in your golf cart or on your push cart.

// Resealable. This firm reseal allows you to save some for later and pack them away wherever you would like.

// Recyclable, hard-case package to protect food.  No more crushed snacks.  This means you can also store them in a golf bag, purse, or just about anywhere without compromising your food. 

// Cup to mouth eating (if you prefer).  No more greasy hands on your golf grips!

// Generously portioned to help keep you satiated & fueled for 9 holes.  All bite size so you can eat small amounts regularly throughout the round, rather than a large amount at once.

// Real Snacks with actual food that we enjoy eating! A variety of wholesome tasty snacks.  Non-GMO, Kosher, All Natural, No added Hormones or Nitrates.

// Performance Golf Supported.  Providing regular Golf Fitness Online Video Content to support our customers game beyond how they fuel their bodies.

F.U.L.E. Inc was made possible by our wonderful team of professionals who have a passion for golf, fitness, and great snacking options out on the course.  Thank you for your business and please do not hesitate to contact us!   

F.U.L.E., Inc
Niwot, CO 80503