// Drink Up

     Your number-one priority is to stay hydrated. Without proper hydration your brain and nervous system are unable to perform at their optimal levels and all cellular processes throughout your body are limited. Insufficient hydration can also impair visual-spatial function, which is clearly very important in a precision sport such as golf.

// Wake and Slake

      If you have an early tee time, remember the eight or so hours you spend sleeping puts you in a dehydrated state when you wake up. Drink 25 percent of your daily intake of water right after getting out of bed. How much is that? A good rule for total daily intake is to drink half your body weight in ounces. If you weigh 200 pounds, you should drink 100 ounces of water every 24 hours. That equates to 25 ounces upon waking up.

// Don’t chug

      Depending on terrain, heat, humidity, and wind you should add between 35 and 55 ounces of water to your daily intake to support a round. Drink a few sips of water per hole to pace your intake for proper absorption. Adding this to your pre or post shot routine is one way to do it.

// Saline Solution

      Water also helps with joint pain, acting as a lubricant. Adding a pinch of sea salt or Pink Himalayan salt (just enough to hold in your fingertips) to each bottle of water you drink during play will help your body absorb it and will also replace the minerals lost in your sweat.  

// Shun Sports Drinks 

      High fructose corn syrup, artificial colors, sugar, caffeine are all performance inhibiting—not enhancing—additives. The caffeine in energy drinks can cause anxiety and a rapid heart rate, neither of which you want when standing over a putt to win a match.

// These Foolish Things

      Avoiding blood sugar spikes—also known as glycemic control—is key to maintaining consistent energy throughout the round. You never want to feel "stuffed," just properly fortified to play your best. Smaller amounts of food more often is much better than a large amount all at once.  

// Don’t Keep It Simple

      Steer clear of simple carbohydrates that are not balanced with a good amount of protein and healthy fats.  Your body digests these rapidly (blood sugar spike), giving you a quick boost of energy that will leave you sluggish shortly thereafter. 

// Digest Slowly

      Opt for healthy fats (nuts, nutbutters, avocado etc), proteins (hard-boiled eggs, beef jerky, low sugar protein drinks etc), and complex carbohydrates (raw veggies, salad etc). Your body digests these slowly, allowing you keep an excellent energy balance that will last. 

      In summary, stay hydrated & eat small amounts of the right snacks regularly throughout the round.  Lower glycemic foods, higher in fat and protein being your best option (FULE is a great snack option to support your game).  If you realize you are hungry or thirsty out on the course, it is too late.  It will take a few holes for your system to process food & fluid to get you caught back up.